1 LCD screen for Vision 360 : a bus and coach solution able to provide 1 image & 0 blind spot



360° vision solution (12/24 Vdc) for bus and coach is composed of cameras, a central unit and a remote control. The four cameras create an image on a screen for the driver and the possibility to delate blind spot that’s supporting the security of the passenger vehicles and reduces collisions with people and objects.

This solution is compliant to R10 04 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation.

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Technical datas

Resolution 1024 x 1068
Digital display 1 to 4 images on the screen
Image Colour, high precision & an -reflective
Materials Body in aluminium
Protection Vibrations & temperature resistance
Consumption 22W, current : 2A
Dimensions 267 x 193 x 30 mm
Other 4 camera input, indirect vision ECE R46
Options (contact us) 7’’ screen on request