Corridor led lighting to be wall mounted for bus and coach


3911 is a 24Vdc LED floor lighting for corridor dedicated to bus and coach available in different colours such as green, blue, white, red and orange.

Compliant to ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard)

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Technical datas

Voltage24 Vdc
ColourGreen LED

MaterialsTube in opal white polycarbonate - maxi 13 m
TechnologyLED distance 9.2 cm
Consumption100 mA/meter
LifetimeLED* > 30.000 hours
MaterialsHousing in polycarbonate (PC)
Options (contact us)12 Vdc / 72 Vdc, Red, blue or amber LED, LED distance 2.3 cm or 4.6 cm, 0.2 m to 3 m aluminium profile, end caps

*Luminous power decreases by 30 % after 30 000 H (room temperature of 25°C)