45000 LED light box to be fitted for bus and coach


Manufactured in France by SESALY, 45000 is a 24Vdc LED box to be fitted designed in conformity to EMC R10 03 (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation & to ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard). Its body colour is available in orange, clear grey, dark grey, black, white, brown or yellow.

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Technical datas

ColourRed/ Orange / Blue / Green LED
Dimensions298 mm x 86 mm x 35 mm
Housing266 mm x 78 mm x 30 mm
FixationHole spacing : 280 mm
LifetimeLED* > 50.000 hours
MaterialsHousing in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene & housing in polycarbonate (ABS PC VO)
Options (contact us)12 Vdc, to be wall mounted, double-sided frame, box colour, 1 or 2 texts or symbols on request, text colour (amber, blue, white or green), flashing, buzzer, frame for wall mounting, one or two text colours

* Luminous power decreases by 30 % after 50 000 H (room temperature of 25°C)