Led light box and clock called 57000 to be fitted for bus and coach


To be fitted, this 12/24Vdc LED light box/clock is available with a GPS antenna option.This led light box and clock is supplied with a large range of colour housing such as orange, grey, dark grey, black, white, brown and yellow. Manufactured in France by SESALY, equipment manufacturer specialized in luminous and audible signalling, this product is in conformity to EMC R10 03 (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation & to ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard).


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Technical datas

Input voltage 12/24Vdc. Permanent power supply with hour display once ignition is on
Colour Red LED -Red clock digits, visibility > 12 m
Dimensions 298 mm x 86 mm x 35 mm
Housing 265 mm x 77 mm x 30 mm
Hole spacing 280 mm
Functions 24 hours display. Day/night function
Materials Housing in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene & housing in polycarbonate (ABS PC VO)
Options (contact us) Automatic GPS me setting clock, 12 hours display (AM/ PM), STOP or WC display, 1 or 2 temperatures display switching with me (sensor supplied), 1 or 2 colours per text and/or pictogram, all texts and pictograms possible, buzzer, others texts on request