A8L led bulb for bus and coach inside lighting


A8L is a 12/24 Vdc LED bulb composed of 8 ‘‘cool white’’ LED and a BA15S base. This bulb is dedicated to on-bard applications such as bus and coach.

Compliant ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard)

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Technical datas

Colour8 LED ‘‘cool white’’
ConnectionAdaptable to BA15S base
Consumption12 Vdc : 0.005 A & 24 Vdc : 0.024 A
Colour temperature4600°K/5600°K
Opening angle of luminous flux15°
MaterialsHousing in polycarbonate (PC)
LifetimeLED* > 35.000 hours

*Luminous power decreases by 30 % after 35 000 H (room temperature of 25°C)