Complete luminous signalling solution, easy to install on commercial vehicles delivered ready to mount with a new generation luminous 12/24 Vdc triangle (3 high power LED) mounted on a bar with 2 beacons


The adhesive bar of SESALY is delivered pre-wired, ready to be installed on a commercial vehicle. Tailor-made designed and manufactured according to your needs, it’s suitable with all types of vehicles, easy to mount, ready to be sticked with 3M magnetic or adhesive on the roof of the vehicle (no drilling).

To order you equipped bar, please select:

1.The bar length suiting to your vehicle

2.The beacon type

3.The triangle class

4.The raising system

Download Technical Documentation

Technical datas

Bar length1.25 meters (VL) or 1.60 meters (VU).
BeaconsHalogen, rotary LED, flash LED.
Class1 or 2, they can be delivered with a manual or electrical lifted system.