SESA DRIVER MONITORING SYSTEM : 6 driver fatigue alerts (DMS) for the bus and coach safety

  • SESA Driver monitoring system SESALY (DMS)
  • SESA Driver monitoring system SESALY (DMS) functions
  • ADAS fatigue detection with mask
  • SESA Driver monitoring system SESALY (DMS)
  • SESA Driver monitoring system SESALY (DMS) functions
  • ADAS fatigue detection with mask


After speeding and drink-driving, the third major cause of vehicle accidents is drowsiness.

This is the reason why, SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to comfort and safety in buses and coaches, offers SESA Driver monitoring (DMS) solution.
And for even more safety, this on-board device operates also when the driver wears a facemask 😷.
Here is above the proof in image : the alert for drowsiness of a driver equipped with a mask and glasses !

This advanced driver fatigue alert complies with regulation applied to vehicles dedicated to passenger transport: R10 05 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).

This new advanced driver fatigue alert (DMS) has been created to alert the driver the first drowsiness or distraction signs.  Thanks to 6 warning functions avoiding the drowsiness, this new generation of driver fatigue alert improves on-board and surroundings safety of buses and coaches :

  1. Driver drowsiness alert
  2. Driver distraction alert
  3. Driver yawing alert
  4. Driver using phone alert
  5. Driver smoking alert
  6. Driver detection and video recording

This fatigue warning device has many advantages, such as video recording and FMS (Fleet Management System) data transmission.

Thanks to some distinctive technical features, this alert solution is performant and easy to use :

  • This alert solution is composed of a main unit, power cable 3P, PCI Box, hexagon wrench 4 x screws, micro SD card (consumable).
  • It operates with a nominal operating voltage of 12/24 Vdc
  • It includes an ARM Cortex A7 quad as main processor and an ARM Cortex M0 as the sub processor (for illuminator and camera control).
  • The different camera view angles are 42° (D), 34° (H) and 26° (V)
  • This driver fatigue alert has a CBS 1Vp-p 75Ω video output
  • This driving monitoring for buses and coaches is easy to install as it is simply wall mounted on the dashboard
  • It operates at temperatures ranging from -20 to + 70 ° C
  • It is discreet owing to its black color
  • It consumes only 4.5W or 0.375A.

On request, this advanced driver fatigue alert is also available with following options:

  • Contactless CAN reader
  • FMS cable (RS-232)
  • Vibration accessory
  • Ethernet cable
  • Video recording
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