ABS Solution : AUTOWATCH Alcohol Blocking System TAB-RF 720 for bus and coach

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Launched in 2010 by SESALY, the AUTOWATCH alcohol blocking system is the first solution approved by the UTAC with an ABS enabling to load data with radiofrequency. This product is ideal to control automatically all data, without moving into the vehicle. Thanks to the 1st article of the 2015 September regulation stipulating the obligation, in every bus and coach, in France to be equipped of an alcohol blocking system.

Information are stored in the VBS (Vehicle Blocking System) and not in the analyser.

The VBS, placed in the vehicle, send the data directly to the computer via a dongle, an USB key equipped of an antenna to be inserted in the computer and connected to your network or your computer.

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Technical datas

Voltage 12/24Vdc
Standards UTAC ; CENELEC : 50436-2
Guarantee 2 years