Urban warning buzzer for exterior called ASS for bus and coach


As 12/24Vdc urban warning buzzer for exterior designed by SESALY, the ASS is EMC R10 03 (electromagnetic compatibility) compliant.

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Technical datas

FunctionsSeveral available sounds ‘‘gong’’ or ‘‘bell’’ in our data base . Memory capacity: 2 minutes spread out the 4 sounds. Day/night function
InstallationPossibility to play 4 sounds embedded on the PCB. Reprogrammable on customer plant with infrared module (USB/PC port) . Sound level setting with priority to the release
FixationFixation with angle bracket
SealingWaterproof IP 66 loudspeaker
Consumption12 Vdc : 2 A & 24 Vdc : 1.2 A

StandardsNF 50155 (EN 50155) ; NF 61373 (EN 61373) ; NF 60068-2 1/2 (EN 60068-2 1/2)
LifetimeMean time between failures (MTBF): 435 000 H
dB level100 +/- 10 db *
Options (contact us)Trigger control owing to a footswitch, progressive sound level

*Sound power may vary from 90 dB to 110 dB at 1 meter and from 80 dB to 100 dB until 7 meters, depending on the sound version