ASS: Exterior urban reprogrammable warning sound exterior for bus and coach

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Are you looking for an exterior urban warning sound with a 4 sound memory capacity and several choices of available sounds (ex: gong, bell) to ensure safety around a vehicle carrying people? Are you looking for reprogrammable sound equipment via an infrared port? Are you looking for an exterior urban warning sound for bus or coach approved R118 and respecting French standards (see below)? Go for the ASS!

The ASS is an exterior urban warning sound imagined, designed and manufactured by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to buses and coach comfort and security. It is made in France and complies to many French regulations and standards: ECE R118, CEM R10 03, NF 50155, NF 61373 and NF 60068-2 1/2.

Different sounds like “gongs”, “bells” or others are available in our database, on request. The memory capacity of 2 minutes allows 4 sounds to be stored on the PCB. The sound level of each sound and the priorities of the sounds are programmable. This exterior urban warning sound can be reprogrammed on the vehicle via an infrared port (USB-PC port).

This customizable exterior sound solution offers many benefits:

  • It works with an operating voltage of 12Vdc or 24Vdc.
  • It requires a low consumption. For an operating voltage of 12Vdc, the consumption is 2A and for an operating voltage of 24Vdc, the consumption is 1.2A.
  • Its sound power is 100 dB (+/- 10db). *
  • It is easy to install owing to its angle bracket.
  • This exterior urban warning sound integrates a day and night function, in order to adapt the sound level to the urban context.
  • The loudspeaker waterproof rating is 56 (IP).
  • As an option, a trigger control owing to a footswitch and an additional progressive sound level function can be integrated, on request.

* Depending on the version of the sound selected, the sound power varies from 90dB to 110dB at 1 meter and from 80dB to 100 dB at 7 meters.

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Technical datas

Voltage 12Vdc
Functions Several available sounds ‘‘gong’’ or ‘‘bell’’ in our data base . Memory capacity: 2 minutes spread out the 4 sounds. Day/night function
Installation Possibility to play 4 sounds embedded on the PCB. Reprogrammable on customer plant with infrared module (USB/PC port) . Sound level setting with priority to the release
Fixation Fixation with angle bracket
Sealing Waterproof IP 66 loudspeaker
Consumption 12 Vdc : 2 A & 24 Vdc : 1.2 A

Standards NF 50155 (EN 50155) ; NF 61373 (EN 61373) ; NF 60068-2 1/2 (EN 60068-2 1/2)
Lifetime Mean time between failures (MTBF): 435 000 H
dB level 100 +/- 10 db *
Options (contact us) Trigger control owing to a footswitch, progressive sound level

*Sound power may vary from 90 dB to 110 dB at 1 meter and from 80 dB to 100 dB until 7 meters, depending on the sound version