BM 420: Wireless button on handrail or wall mounted for bus and coach



Are you looking for a wireless button on handrail or wall mounted in a bus or a coach? Do you look for a remote transmission button with radio frequency technology? Are you looking for a wireless button with a large panel of colors and signs for the body and the button? Select BM 420!

The BM 420 is a wireless button without battery or cable supplied by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to comfort and safety in buses and coaches.

This informative solution complies with regulations applied to vehicles dedicated to passenger transport: EMC R10 03 (electromagnetic compatibility).

This door opening button is composed of 4 areas receiver and a remote transmission button with radio frequencies. It operates without wire, battery or cable. The unique coding of 30 assignable switches with 32 bits offers a perfect protection against interferencies due to the 4,000 million different combinations.

This informative solution for buses and coaches offers distinctive technical features and options:

  • This wireless button can be installed on column with 35 mm of diameter or on a wall mounted with adapters.
  • The color of body can be yellow or grey, on request.
  • The color of the STOP button can be red or green with the braille transcription.
  • The switch button color for disable people is blue with the braille transcription.
  • Others diameters and housing RAL 7043 are available, on request.
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Technical datas

Voltage 12/24 Vdc
Composition Remote transmission button with radio frequencies: wireless, no battery, no cable / • 4 areas receiver / 30 assignable switchest: 32 bits unique coding offering a perfect protection against interferences (4 000 millions different combinations)
Mounting On Ø 35 mm column or wall mounted (with adapters)
Colour Body colours: yellow or grey / Switch button colours: red or green & braille / Switch button colour for disabled people: blue & braille
Standards R 10 03 EMC