Wireless button on column or wall mounted BM420, for bus and coach



BM 420 is a wireless button (12/24 Vdc) on column or wall mounted without wire and no battery. It is designed and manufactured in according to R10 03 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation.

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Technical datas

Voltage12/24 Vdc
CompositionRemote transmission button with radio frequencies: wireless, no battery, no cable / • 4 areas receiver / 30 assignable switchest: 32 bits unique coding offering a perfect protection against interferences (4 000 millions different combinations)
MountingOn Ø 35 mm column or wall mounted (with adapters)
ColourBody colours: yellow or grey / Switch button colours: red or green & braille / Switch button colour for disabled people: blue & braille
StandardsR 10 03 EMC