BSR678D.124: Exterior multi-function reverse alarm for bus and coach

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Are you looking for an exterior reverse alarm to provide security around a passenger vehicle? Are you looking a reverse alarm with ambient noise level self adjustement and with multiple uses for a bus or coach? Go for BSR678D.124!

BSR678D.124 is an exterior reverse alarm supplied by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to buses and coach comfort and security.  It complies with the EMC R10 02 regulation (electromagnetic compatibility).

This sound security solution integrates noise level self adjustement  according to the ambient noise level. It can be used for several applications: back-up alarm and electrical switchboard alarms, signal for lifted trailer,  open back door or hatch.

This outdoor backup alarm has many advantages:

  • It works with a operating voltage of 12Vdc / 24Vdc.
  • Its power supply is done directly with 2 screws.
  • Its sound power is 77dB to 97dB.
  • Its centerline distance attachment is 84 mm
  • The waterproofing protection index is 67 (IP).
  • A 90 ° C version is available as an option for engine environments. (Please contact us)
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Technical datas

Voltage 12/48 Vdc
Functions Ambient noise level self adjustment
Uses Back up alarm, electrical switchboard alarm, signal for lifted trailer, open back door or hatch
Sealing IP 67
Hole spacing 84 mm
Options (contact us) 90°C version for engine environment
dB level 77 to 97 dB
Standards Réglementation CEM R10 02 (Compatibilité Electromagnétique)