SESA heat & smoke detector: heat and smoke detection for passengers transport safety (bus & coach)



SESA heat & smoke is a heat and smoke detection solution especially designed to vehicles.

This new device is supplied by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to buses and coach comfort and security.

It’s the perfect solution to protect passengers and luggages thanks to one temperature sensor able to measure the heat zone and two scattered light sensors able to detect smoke particulars.

In case of smoke or heat detection, a warning information is indicated with a LED on the product and an alert is also sent to the driver.

The LED alert indicators is defined with a simple color code depending on diifferent information:

  • White : power off (no light)
  • Blue : initializing
  • Green : in operation
  • Red : smoke detection (continuous light) or heat detection (flash light)

Thanks to some distinctive technical features, this alert solution is performant and easy to use :

  • This heat & smoke detector operates with a 24 Vdc (ISO167550-F) nominal voltage
  • Its resistant body is made of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiène styrene (ABS), V0 added
  • It is compact (80 x 41mm) and discreet owing to its white colour
  • It is resistant as its protection index or IP is 42K.
  • This security solution requires low power consumption: only 0.05A
  • Its installation of this detector oh heat and smoke is very simple. This security solution can be wall mounted in a bus or a coach, either with front mounting or with rear mounting.
  • This interior security solution complies with regulations applied to vehicles dedicated to passenger transport: R10 05 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard).
  • This fire and smoke detector for buses and coaches is made in Europe

On request, this heat and smoke detector can be supplied with different options:

  • Other colors are available (MOQ 1000 units)
  • Different levels of heat can be measured and alarm, in specific time range.
  • The temperature can be adjusted by software.

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Technical datas

Reference SESA heat & smoke
Standards R10 05 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard)
Voltage 24 Vdc
Protection 42K (IP)
Consumption 0.05A