CHEVROTINE.WB.01: LED panel with text and arrow interior to be built in for the marking of buses and coaches



This LED panel ease driver’s work as it communicates a welcoming message towards travelers (alternative text : Bienvenue / Welcome) and orientates passengers to the back of the vehicle owing to LED arrows in order to ease passenger’s flow.

It is composed with one zone with LED texts, maximum 2 words, which can be displayed alternatively as well as one zone for 12 arrows scrolling towards the left.

This solution complies with following regulations: CEM R10 05 (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard).

It been imagined, designed and produced in France by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to comfort and safety in buses and coaches.

The standard recorded message is: Bienvenue/Welcome. In order to be adapted to all situations, colours and texts can be  changed, on request. This text can be displayed alternately or permanently.

Thanks to some distinctive technical features, this luminous solution for the buses and coaches is performant and easy to use:

  • This LED panel with text operates with a nominal operating voltage of 24 Vdc.
  • This LED message for vehicles requires low power consumption with 32V, only 0.35A
  • The installation of this solution is simple as it is fixed from the front 535 x 66.4 x 10 mm.
  • The weight of this luminous solution is 275gr.
  • It is supplied with a 4 ways connector mounted on a 395-mm cable (rear wire).

This message LED panel is available with different options, on request:

  • A version with a nominal operating voltage 12 Vdc.
  • This panel can be supplied in blue, red or green LED with the possibility to choose 1 color per display area (text / arrows).
  • Other texts are available; Maximum 2 short words
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Technical datas

Reference CHEVROTINE.WB.01
Standards CEM R10 05 (electromagnetic compatibility), ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard)
Voltage 24 Vdc
Consumption 0.35A with 32V
Installation Fixed from the front
Dimensions 535 x 66.4 x 10 mm
Weight 275 gr
Accessories 4 ways connector mounted on a 395-mm cable (rear wire)
Options (contact us) Nominal operating voltage (12 Vdc), LED color, texts