12/24 Vdc LED orange Lightbar, for vehicles operating in marking for service, construction site, road, breakdown vehicles, etc


SESALY creates a Double Stack® LED Lightbar tailor-made for you.

Double Stack ® LED lighters are modular and customisable according to your needs.


Options available

– Central cover: white, with or without text & with or without LED lighting

– LED side light: to illuminate the work zone

– LED front spot light: integrated in the lightbar

– LED Rear spotlights:  integrated in the lightbar

– Roof connector: 12 ways

– Fixations: magnetic or sucker fixations test by TUV Germany at 235 km/h = 146 miles/hour.



Technical datas

Voltage 12/24 Vdc (10/30 Vdc max)
Bar length 550 - 830 - 1110 - 1390 - 1670 - 1950 mm
Height Without fixation: 90 mm
Height With fixation: 130 mm
Depth 320 mm
Sealing IP 67
Standards ECE R65 & ECE R10
Lights Rotary or flash LED light
Cabochon Polycarbonate (PC) with anti-UV treatment
Fixation With universals brackets
Other Delivered with a 3 meter cable bundle
Guarantee 5 years