VISION MONITORING: records automatically images around bus or coach

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Are you looking for a complete monitoring solution to secure the surroundings of transporting people vehicle? Are you looking for a solution to automatically record the images in the surroundings buses or coaches? Choose VISION MONITORING!

VISION MONITORING is a monitoring and recording solution provided by SESALY, equipment manufacturer specialized designing and manufacturing of lighting and sound solutions for the comfort and safety of buses and coaches. It complies with CEM R10 05 regulations (electromagnetic compatibility).

This solution automatically records all images around a bus or coach and is compatible with 360 ° Vision. It is composed of 4 dome cameras, 1 hard disk recorder and 1 “Dashboard” software.

It works with an operating voltage of 12 / 24Vdc.



There are 4 of them and they have many technical advantages:

  • They work with an operating voltage of 12Vdc (power supply from a recorder).
  • This power consumption is less than or equal 70mA.
  • The cameras have a 3.6mm focal which can be adjusted on 150 ° in all directions.
  • Their resolution is 550 lines TV with a minimum luminosity of 0.5lux.
  • Their vision angle (HxVxD) is 69x54x90 °.
  • Their operating temperatures are from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • Their tightness protection index is 66 (IP).



With 4 video inputs, this hard disk recorder operates High-Definition cameras (AHD). Downloading records and data is quick and easy. For security, video recording begins before the alarm is activated with trigger and after the vehicle is switched off.

Following alarm triggering settings are configurable: speed, movement detection, video signal loss, voltage or G-force (optional).

This hard disk recorder provides many technical advantages:

  • It is supplied with trigger/alarm.
  • Its SATA hard disk 2.5” HDD has a capacity of 500GB, which represents 1,864 hours of recording time.
  • Its SD card is 32GB and class 10 (industrial quality).
  • A security key is provided for HDD data mining.
  • Its operating temperatures are from -25 ° C to + 70 ° C.
  • The dimensions (LxWxH) of its aluminum box are 222x190x75 mm.
  • A GPS is integrated with a supplied remote antenna.


It enables you to search all sequences using indicators (date, time or triggers) and export sequences. As a safety measure, a mirror backup on a 32G SD card of the latest sequencies in case of HDD write failure.

A data backup is done 30 minutes before and after the triggering of the alarm button

Triggers of the sequences are: speed, G sensor, movement detection, video signal loss of cameras, voltage and alarm button.

The “Dashboard” software has optional equipment:

  • A remote control to report an operating use error. We invite you to contact our sales team for this optional feature.
Download Technical Documentation

Technical datas

Voltage 12Vdc (power supply from recorder)
Focal 3.6mm adjustable on 150° in all directions
Resolution 550 lines TV & minimum luminosity: 0.5lux
Operating temperature -30 to +60°C
Angles (HxVxD in°) : 69x54x90
Sealing IP 66
Consumption <=70mA