Cameras for vision 360 monitoring : a solution able to monitor a bus with 4 cameras, 1 hard-disk recorder and 1 software



Monitoring vision solution is composed of 4 cameras, 1 recorder on hard disk, 1software for bus and coach.

Monitoring vision solution (12/24Vdc) is composed of four cameras, a recorder on hard disk and a software designed and manufactured according to R10 04 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation. This solution is compatible with 360° vision solution.

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Technical datas

Voltage 12Vdc (power supply from recorder)
Focal 3.6mm adjustable on 150° in all directions
Resolution 550 lines TV & minimum luminosity: 0.5lux
Operating temperature -30 to +60°C
Angles (HxVxD in°) : 69x54x90
Sealing IP 66
Consumption <=70mA