360° VISION : intelligent camera monitor for bus or coach

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Are you looking for a security solution able to create a 360 ° view around your bus or coach offering to the driver a picture without blind spots ? Are you looking for a complete solution to secure the surroundings of passenger transport vehicles? Choose for VISION 360!

VISION 360 is supplied by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to comfort and safety in buses and coaches. It complies with CEM R10 04 (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R46 (indirect vision) regulations.

This surveillance solution reinforces safety by reducing collisions risks with people or objects. It offers a 360 ° view around the bus or coach in a one image to eliminate blind spots. It is composed of 4 cameras, 1 central unit, 1 screen and remote controls.

It works with a operating voltage of 12 / 24Vdc.


There are 4 of them. This camera has many technical advantages:

  • The angles of the cameras are 185×142 ° (HxV).
  • The image resolutions are 640×480 (HxV).
  • Their body is resistant because it is made of aluminum. Its dimensions are 35.4×60.7×45.8 mm.
  • The tightness rating is 69K (IP).
  • They are equipped with a 1/3 6 “CMOS sensor
  • A deflector (A in the photo) and an adjustable support (B in the photo) are supplied as accessories.


Settings and programming the functions of this intelligent monitor consist in definning the 360 ​​° vision systeme solution is done with a monitor and an IR remote control which are provided.

  • It operates with a 12 / 24Vdc voltage.
  • It is composed of an aluminium housing, 4 videos inputs and 3 videos outputs.
  • The right or left indicators as well as the reverse gear engagement can trigger
  • The dimensions are 174x101x30 mm.
  • It is equipped with an NTSC & PAL TV system.



This temperature chocs and vibration resistant screen can display from 1 to 4 images. It offers excellent resolution qualities thanks to color, high precision and anti-reflective on assets.

  • This screen includes 4 camera inputs.
  • Its resolution is 1024×1068.
  • The dimensions of its aluminum housing are 267x193x30 mm.
  • Its consumption is 22W (current: 2A).
  • Optionally, on request, we can also provide you a 7 ” screen size.



2 types of remote controls are provided. The first is a wired remote control and the second is an infrared (IR) remote control.

The triggers are the use of the right or left indicators and the reverse of passengers transport vehicle. Both devices can easily be installed and have a Vision 360°compatibility with  Vision surveillance solution (lien vers le produit).

Download Technical Documentation

Technical datas

Composition Sequences search: by date, hour, events (trigger), sequences export
Security If failure on HDD writing occurs, last sequences are stored on a backup mirror SD card (32G)
Backup 30 minutes before & after alarm button trigger
Options (contact us) Remote control to report an opera ng use error (contact us for further information).
Triggers (Events activating sequences marking): speed, G sensor, movement detection, video signal loss of cameras, voltage, alarm button