Step lighting solution with led & fiber optic for bus and coach


NDF is a step lighting solution made of LED and fiber optic available in many colours such as green, blue, white, red and orange. This product is designed and manufactured in France by SESALY. Compliant to ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard)

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Technical datas

ColourFiber optic Ø6.5 mm + 1 green LED
Consumption20 mA/LED
DimensionsVariable length from 0,2 m to 3 m: 1 LED for a length from 0,2 m to 1,5 m ; 2 LED for a length from 1,5 m to 3 m. Standard 3 meters aluminium profile, 3 meters standard square tube, LED insert, optic fiber roll, caps.
LifetimeLED* > 30.000 hours
MaterialsAluminium body
Options (contact us)12 Vdc or red LED, blue, orange or white, set delivery on request

*Luminous power decreases by 30 % after 30 000 H (room temperature of 25°C)