PIC250 & PIC400 led pictogram with adhesive for bus and coach


Manufactured in France by SESALY in accordance with the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) R10 03 regulation, the LED pictograms with adhesive (12/24Vdc) called PIC250 and PIC400 are available in different sizes : 250×250 & 400×400 mm. Each of them is composed of one retroreflective yellow side, a black ABS cover and four DUAL LOCK 3M stickers for an optimal use.

According to the French Regulation about vehicles for passenger transportation, the pictogram has to be removable or concealable. Moreover, the driver must hide or remove the pictogram when he doesn’t use the vehicle for children transport.

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Technical datas

TechnologyPictogram for the front 40 LED, pictogram for the back 56 LED
Options (contact us)Black ABS cover to hide the pictogramBlack ABS cover to hide the pictogram; Supply cable, 3m30 long
ConnectionDelivered with two 3 pin connectors on the pictogram (top and bottom) and one counterparts
Opening angle of luminous flux60°
ConsumptionMaximum 13.5 Vdc - 0.250 A ;Average 13.5 Vdc - 0.128 A ; maximum 28 Vdc - 0.320 A ; average 28 Vdc - 0.164 A