Adjustable and motorised spotlight with stucker fixation on a cigar lighter plug & and sucker fixing for commercial vehicles

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Halogen spotlight POT 12 offers of horizontal rotation on 360° and vertical rotation on 260° thanks to remote control with on/off indicator light.

Technical datas

Materials Dôme in polycarbonate (PC) & Polyethylene fixed base
Body ABS
Bulb Halogen
Optic Resistant and transparent plastic
Fixation Sucker
Functions Rotation and on/off function
Rotation Horizontal rotation on 360° and vertical rotation on 260°
Inclinations Top/bottom inclination 75 ̊ / Rotation 440
Light intensity 400 m reach with standard beam 55 W / 4.2 A - Horizontal angle: 7 ̊/ Vertical angle 4°
Consumption 0.4 A per motor
Sealing IP55
Operating temperature -20°C / +50°C
Standards CEM 10R04
Other Remote control furnished with with On/Off indicator light.
Options (contact us) Wired version & radio