Premium complete 230Vac electrical solution with impedance earthed neutral distribution for bus and coach: 24Vdc/230Vac: protection box with load shedding board

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230 Vac with impedance earthed neutral distribution is a premium 230Vac solution for bus and coach composed of a 24Vdc/230Vac inverter, a protection box with load shedding board and a reinforced 230Vac+E power sockets. This solution is certified, smart, complete & safe.

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Technical datas

Insulation Permanent insulation controller, enables to: - To insulate the 230 Vac equipotential connection from the vehicles earth (also minus pole of the battery): central insulation - To ensure the maximum continuity of service (cut of circuit breackers only after the 2nd default - visual or audible alert after 1st default)
Protection Goods & people protection: IT method (according to NF C 15-100)
Power Déclenchement du mode alterné entre les lignes si la puissance d’utilisation totale est supérieure à 1500W
Shedding Automatic shedding, able to check permanently consumptions on each departure: - control & protection of 6 departures of 400W, equipped of 4 or 5 electrical sockets each, enabling not to cut the integrality of the network, but only the area concerned by the over consumption, each area benefit from the available energy, even if one user exceeds the available power. Alternate mode triggering between lines if the total power usage is superior to 1500W
Standards R10 04 approved & compliant to NF C 15-100