Wireless reversing radar 12/24 Vdc to be built-in for commercial vehicles


Wireless connection between control unit and screen (sealed control unit). It offers a visual distance indication on screen with a colour LED display.

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Technical datas

Voltage12/24 Vdc
FunctionsVisual distance indication on screen with a colour LED display: green for distance between 0.8 m and 1.5 m, orange for distance between 0.4 m and 0.8 m, red for distance less than 0.4 m. Security function: Increase in sound signal frequency when the distance falls below 1.5 m
Distance de détectionDe 0.1 m to 5 m
Digital displayBetween 0.3 m and 5 m
ConnectionSystem starts with a warning beep when reverse gear is engaged
SonsSound levels: High, low, OFF , ultrasonic sensors
MontageIdeal height from 500 mm to 650 mm (distance from sensors to ground) & sensors installed on the same axis

Warning: Wireless version not suitable for mounting in a metal environment