3 LED Stop request repeating box called RAD.P for bus and coach by SESALY


Designed and assembled by SESALY in France, RAD.P is a stop request repeating box installed close to the dash board area, available with three or four LED (24Vdc) and in several LED colours such as orange, blue, red or green.

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Technical datas

Voltage24 Vdc
Colour3 amber, blue, red or green LED
CompositionEquipped with a potentiometer which enables to change the LED luminosity
Consumption24 Vdc - 0.02 A
LifetimeLED* > 100.000
Options (contact us)White LED colour, 12Vdc, 4 LED, switch

*Luminous power decreases by 30 % after 100 000 H (room temperature of 25°)

**Please contact us