Rear lights for bus & coach


We provide a complete range of ECE or SAE compliant exterrior lights for M2 & M3 vehicles.

We are also able to create a custom-made lighting signature for you !

All SESALY Bus & Coaches catalogue’s controlled products meet the GROUPE 0 category and present NO PHOTOBIOLOGICAL  RISK thanks to a careful LED selection, according to NF EN 62741 standard.


According to NF EN 62741 standard, which defines photobiolocal security of lamps and devices using lamps, there are 4 groups of photobiological risks :

  • Groupe 0 or EXEMPT : the product poses no photobiological hazard
  • Groupe 1 or LOW RISK : the product does not pose a hazard under normal conditions of use.
  • Groupe 2 or MODERATE RISK : the product does not pose a hasard due to aversion reponse to bright light or thermal discomfort
  • Groupe 3 or HIGH RISK : the product can be hazardous even for momentary exposure






R7 – Rear tail-red2+2Optional light if clearance light are presents
R6 – Indicators2+2M2 & M3 categories
S1/S2 – Stop lights2+2Option excepted if S3 cat. lights installed
S3/S4 – Third stop light1Option
R23 – Reversing2+22 obligatory

+ 2 optional for vehicles > 6 meters

R38 – Rear fog1+1To be installed + than 100 mm from stop lights
R7 – Rear clearance light-Red2+2
  • Obligatory for vehicles > 2.1 meters
  • Optionnal for 1.8 and 2.1 m vehicles
R4 – Licence plate light1+1
R104 – Retro reflecting markingYellow or red


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