700C : Infrared LED rear view camera for bus or coach security

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Are you looking for an infrared LED rear view camera with excellent day and night vision? Are you looking for a a colour and ultra-resistant infrared LED rear view camera ? Go for 700C!

700C is an infrared rear view camera supplied by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to comfort and safety in buses and coaches. It complies with EMC R10 04 regulations (electromagnetic compatibility).

This rear view camera is equipped with 18 LEDs, including 4 infrared LEDs, therefore offering excellent night vision. It has day and night sensors, colour and audio functions.

This vehicle, drivers and passeners solution for security offers many advantages:

  • Its consumption is 0.2A.
  • The lighting distance is 7 meters.
  • It offers a large vision angle (HxWxD) of 92 x 70 115 °.
  • It resists to 10G vibrations
  • Its operating temperatures are from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • Its tightness rating is 67 (IP).
  • The dimensions (LxlxH) of this product are 81x70x77 mm.
  • Other versions are available. Please contact our sales force.

Technical datas

Lighting 18 infrared LED for an excellent night vision
Lighting distance 15 meters
Composition Day / night sensor. Colour & ratio
Dimensions 70 x 44 x 54 mm
Operating temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
Consumption 0,2A
Sealing IP 67
Light output ratio Vision angle (HxWxD): 92 x 70 x 115°
Protection Vibrations resistance: 10G
Standards R10 04 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation.