Premium complete 230Vac electrical solution with impedance earthed neutral distribution for bus and coach: reinforced 230Vac+E power sockets.

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230 Vac with impedance earthed neutral distribution is a premium 230Vac solution for bus and coach composed of a 24Vdc/230Vac inverter, a protection box with load shedding board and a reinforced 230Vac+E power sockets. This solution is certified, smart, complete & safe.

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Technical datas

Colour Blue backlight: for voltage indicator
Protection Obturateurs de protection enfant
Lifetime Security: shutter for child protection
Standards NF C 15-100
Options (contact us) White, red, green or amber backlight on request, different bezel colours, schuko charging socket, tailor-made modules with 230Vac &/or USB mounted on aluminum cable trays, wall mounted (ideal for retrofit) see above pictures.