SESA AIRGLOW: LED rear multifunction light (break, tail, turn) for the lighting of buses and coaches


You are you looking for a multifunction  LED rear light with break, tail, static or dynamic turn ? Are you looking for a rear light for buses and coach with a linear design enabling to ensure high visibility and able to be installed the particularity of being installed on the right and on the left of the vehicle ? Are you looking for an LED rear light compliant with ECE R48, R7, R6 (see all regulations undermentioned), easy to install and resistant? Select SESA Airglow !

SESA Airglow is a multifunction LED rear light, imagined, designed and manufactured by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to comfort and safety in buses and coaches.

This lighting solution integrates 3 functions:

  • Dynamic or static turn for horizontal installation and static turn for vertical installation.
  • Break light
  • Tail light

This lighting solution for passenger vehicles complies with regulations:

  • ECE R48 (installation of compulsory lighting and light signaling devices)
  • ISO 16750-4
  • ISO 16750-3 (vibration resistance)
  • ISO 16750-2 (protection against polarity reversal, surges and undervoltages)
  • CEM 10R06 (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • ECE R6 2A
  • ECE R7 (lighting devices and signalling equipments for vehicles compliant)


This LED rear multifunction light for buses and coaches offers distinctive technical features

– It is composed of 15 high power LED

– Its nominal operating voltage is 12/24 Vdc (10/32)

– This LED rear light is resistant : protection index or IP is 69K.

– It is supplied with a SuperSeal 5 PINs connector TE- 282089-1

– This LED light for bus or coach is composed of a resistant cover made of polycarbonate (PC) coated with a protection against UV and stripes

– Its operating temperatures are from -30 ° C to + 80 ° C.

– Its ultra-light weight is 176 gr.

– Its overall dimensions are 320 x 31 x 28 mm.

– This LED rear light does not require any maintenance and is guaranteed for 2 years.

– This product is supplied in only one reference, able to be installed either on right side or on left side of the vehicle.

– Its consumption is very low :

Functions/voltage Consumption for 12 Vdc Consumption for 24 Vdc
Tail 0.4 A 0.2 A
Break 0.18 A 0.09 A
Turn 0.17 A 0.08 A


Please contact our sales force for any custom-made multifunction and R48/R7/R6 compliant LED rear light, as our technical department can create a lighting solution with the design dedicated to your vehicle.

Technical datas

Reference FSAG.UPSPC
Standards ECE R48, CEM 10R06, ECE R6 2A, ECE R7
Standards ISO 16750-4, ISO 16750-3, ISO 16750-2
Voltage 12/24 Vdc (10/32)
Consumption 12 Vdc: 0.4 A (tail), 0.18 A (break), 0.17 A (turn)
Consumption 24 Vdc: 0.2 A (tail), 0.09 A (break), 0.08 A (turn)
Protection 69K (protection index or IP)
Operating temperatures From -30°C to +80°C
Housing Polycarbonate (PC) with protection against UV/stripes
Dimensions 320 x 31 x 28 mm
Weight 176 gr
Connection connector SuperSeal 5 PINs TE- 282089-1
Guarantee 2 years
Options (contact us) Any tailor-made project