Lateral red LED exterior door light indicator for bus and coach

  • SESA-Moonlight-LED-red-door-indicator-bus-coach
  • SESA-Moonlight -lateral-door-LED-light-bus-coach
  • SESA-Moonlight-lateral-LED-light-bus-coach-door-dimensions-SESALY-V2
  • SESA-Moonlight-LED-red-door-indicator-bus-coach
  • SESA-Moonlight -lateral-door-LED-light-bus-coach
  • SESA-Moonlight-lateral-LED-light-bus-coach-door-dimensions-SESALY-V2


You are looking for a red LED light to indicate the closed-door status of a bus or a coach?
You want to secure access to bus or coach service doors with a red indicator light? Choose SESA Moonlight!

SESA Moonlight is the new red LED exterior side light designed by SESALY, equipment manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing light and sound solutions to improve comfort and safety in buses and coaches.

SESA Moonlight is based on the mechanical design of the EL.3PL combined with new optics, to improve the visibility of vehicle door states. It facilitates accessibility to passengers or bus and coach users.

This red indicator light for vehicles’ side lighting can be installed in the same place as the EL.3PL and offers multiple benefits:

  • It provides the ideal red light output to make visible for passengers the status of vehicle doors access
  • Economical, this red LED light can be installed both on left and right side of the vehicle
  • It is composed of an aluminum body with black epoxy powder paint and a polycarbonate lens (PC)
  • Robust, it is designed to operate between -40 and +80°C and to withstand to reverse polarity (ISO 16750-2), to overvoltage and undervoltage (ISO 16750-2) and to water ingress thanks to its sealing IP69K
  • Designed to last, this red LED indicator light has been built to operate over 16,500 hours at 70% of the initial mission profile
  • It is supplied with stripped tinned wire output on 1500mm cable
  • Easy to install owing to 2 screws (provided)
  • It is certified ECE-R10 06 (EMC or Electromagnetic Compatibility) and ECE-R118 (Fire smoke)


This LED exterior light is also available in white to illuminate step areas or in white ECE-R23-approved maneuver/rear light.

Technical datas

Reference MOO.SIV.R
Functions Red LED door closed status indicator
Dimensions 125.5 x 42.5 x 31.5
Voltage 12/24 Vdc
Materials Aluminum housing with black epoxy paint, 3 powerled, PC front cover
Connection Supplied with a 1500 mm two-way wire
Consumption 1W maximum
Sealing 69K
Lifetime LED* > 16500 hours at 70% of the initial mission profile
Standards ECE-R1006 compliant (EMC electromagnetic compatibility) & ECE-R118 compliant (Fire and smoke resistance)
Operating temperatures -40 to +80°C
Other Also available in white ultrabright light for door/steps lighting(MOO.SIV.W) or in white maneuver/reverse ECE-R23 version (MOO.REV.W)
Options (contact us) Specific connector available on request