Master and slave, 12/24 Vdc Scrolling lightbar for marking of construction vehicles or temporary hazards vehicles

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  • double-body-led-scrolling-module-chevrons.jpg


LED module scrolling lightbar 12/24 Vdc are designed and manufactured by SESALY in France for marking construction vehicles or temporary hazards vehicles.

They are composed of 2 modules and 4 flashing LED light amber colour. Each unit lights successively from inside to outside (or scroll from outside to inside by simple rotationof the front panels)

Kit composition

1 module with 4 lights with incorporated scrolling centre light (Master)

1 module with 4 lights (Slave)

A 2-way cable 3 m long for power supply

A 6-way cable 3.5 m long for connection between modules

Technical datas

Voltage 12/24 Vdc
Dimensions 400 x 85 x 170 mm
Functions Automatic day/night switching
Fixation Fixing by 2 M5 screws on top (spacing 260 mm) and/or M5 screws on side
Box Anti-corrosion treated body – Black Epoxy paint
Junction Screw terminal connections in modules
Output Cables exits through cable glands
Sealing IP 68 resin coated electronics
Weight 3,4 kg