SLE 04: LED spot (cool white) to be built in interior lighting for bus and coach


SLE04 is a LED spot designed and produced in France by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to buses and coach comfort and security.

This LED spot can be built in a bus or a coach. This interior lighting solution complies with regulations applied to vehicles dedicated to passenger transport: R10 03 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard).

The operating voltage for this LED spot is 12/24Vdc. This interior lighting solution offers several assets and can be supplied with different options:

  • This interior spot is composed of three cool white powerleds whose color temperature is 6500°K.
  • Its lifespan is higher than 60 000 hours. *
  • Its lighting flux angle is 40°.
  • This LED spot provides 564 lux at 1 meter and 141 lux at 2 meters.
  • This LED spot is composed of a resistant body made of aluminum (ALU)
  • It is available in different housing colors such as grey or NCS2500N color on request
  • It is supplied with an external power supply is external
  • This bus and coach LED spot requires low power consumption: 0.32A for 12Vdc and 0.17A for 24 Vdc
  • Its diameter is 80mm and the measures of its integrating are Ø 55mm x P11mm.
  • This lighting solution for bus and coach is available with on/off progressive lighting, on request.

* for a 25°C room temperature. The lighting power decreases by 30% after 60 000 hours.

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Technical datas

Voltage 12/24Vdc
Colour 3 ‘‘cool white’’ powerled
Dimensions Diameter 80 mm
Materials Body : aluminium
Housing Ø55 mm x P11 mm
Electronic unit External power station
Consumption 0.32 A & 24 Vdc : 0.17 A
Colour temperature 6500°K
Light emission surface 40°
Lifetime LED* > 50.000 hours
Standards In accordance with the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation: R10 03 and ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard)
Options (contact us) Progressive lighting on and off, CS2500N body colour