Universal and complete luminous signalling solution for commercial vehicles delivered ready to be installed with a 12/24 Vdc new generation (3 high power LED) luminous triangle mounted on a T bar with 2 beacons


The SMT universal bar is delivered pre-wired, ready to positioned on, commercial vehicles.

Universal bar is suitable for all types of vehicles & easy to install as the bar is delivered pre-wired, ready for installation without drilling : either with adhesive or magnetics fixations.

This luminous signalling solution is composed of:

1 Triflash (TLP500)

2 LED beacons (rotating or flashing)

1 Toggle clamp closure system

1 Triflash switch & 1 beacons switch

1 aluminium bar (1 meter long) with an extra flat design, light & resistant.

Technical datas

Beacons Orange or blue
LED Composed of 8 LED and a polycarbonate cabochon
Modes Rotary modes LED beacons realize 130 +/- 10 laps per minute, Flash modes LED beacons realize 130 +/- 10 laps per minute
Consumption 1.2 to 1.4A in 24 Vdc and 2.5 to 2.6 in 12 Vdc
Voltage 10 & 30 Volts.
Guarantee 3 years
Standards R65, R10 et EMC 2009/19/CE.
Switches Those switches are changeover switches: Start / Stop, tension : 12 Vdc, Power : 120W, Housing required : 44.5 mm.