Ultra-resistant Triflash manual lifted kit to be screwed. This solution is designed for luminous triangle Triflash TLP500

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  • trabmet-manual-lift-plan.jpg


This kit is installed with screws. Designed and manufactured by SESALY for commercial vehicles this kit enables you to lift and turn down a luminous triangle TLP500. Conceived with a metal wire, it can resist 4 times longer than a standard kit.

This kit is composed of the following elements

Stainless steel mooring hinge

Ring Ø 22 mm (x1)

Ring Ø 26 mm (x2)

Black plastic trigger 20% fibre glass (x1)

Stainless tension spring (x1)

Flat large washer (x2)

EDPM adhesive black foam (x2)

Adhesive protection film (x1)

Flat yarn wire + 1 buckle (x1)

Aluminum collar for cable (x4)

Wire rope (x1)

Galvanised steel cable clamp (1)

Galia Box (1)