Ultra-resistant Triflash manual lifted kit to be screwed. This solution is designed for luminous triangle Triflash TLP500


This kit is installed with screws. Designed and manufactured by SESALY for commercial vehicles this kit enables you to lift and turn down a luminous triangle TLP500. Conceived with a metal wire, it can resist 4 times longer than a standard kit.

This kit is composed of the following elements

Stainless steel mooring hinge

Ring Ø 22 mm (x1)

Ring Ø 26 mm (x2)

Black plastic trigger 20% fibre glass (x1)

Stainless tension spring (x1)

Flat large washer (x2)

EDPM adhesive black foam (x2)

Adhesive protection film (x1)

Flat yarn wire + 1 buckle (x1)

Aluminum collar for cable (x4)

Wire rope (x1)

Galvanised steel cable clamp (1)

Galia Box (1)