TLP 500-ELEC - 12/24 Vdc electricaly lifted new luminous triangle generation with 3 high power LED for commercial vehicles



TLP 500-ELEC is a double sided luminous LED triangle is delivered with a compact electrical lift with aerodynamic design, ready to install. Designed for commercial vehicles, this luminous signalling solution is manufactured in France by SESALY and has been developed according to NF EN 12352, NF P 98475 & R10-05 EMC standards.

Triflash 2.5 X brighter *

 Consume 20% less  *

Triflash with mounting  15% + compact *

Triflash visible at 360°

Triflash solution + lift 30 % + lighter *

Triflash and lift solution: + compact : 145.5mm *

Aerodynamic design

Aesthetic design & discrete colours

Easy to install

*compare to the previous generation version 500

Technical datas

Dimensions 500 mm
Lift dimensions 637 (length) x 531 (width) x 145.5 (height)
Composition Lift: Metal parts and screws in stainless steel & anodised aluminium for a saline mist resistance
Structure Triflash: New structure made of polyamide (yellow colour) with glass fibber (shock and vibration resistant) and compact structure and aluminium (only 44 mm thick ) . Inclusion of steel stubs 700 mm version, Lift: Thermoformed careenage in white RAL 9016 ABS PMMA
Mounting Lift assembly pointing backward Lift by electric jacked IP 66, Mechanical linkages secured by brake
Serigraphy AK5 type screen printing (other type on request: AK14 etc.), Class 1 or 2 Film.
Wire No visible cable
Fixation Double action spring hinge (front/back), with fixing separation from 150mm to 160mm.
Voltage Dual voltage supply: 12/24 V by 6.5m long cable.
Electronic unit Watertight, IP 68 as moulded in resin and protected against polarity reversals and short circuits.
Technology 1 high power LED InGaN (3rd LED generation), per optic supplied with 6 optics (ø 50 mm)
Light intensity 638 cd (12V day version)
Light output ratio 68 lm/W 25°C
Consumption 0.16A (12V a day)
Other Day and night use by automatic switching, Beacons support in aluminium

Large choice of equipment : on SESALY bar owing to scored sides,

Large choice of fixations : with screws or on adhesive fixations to stick the combi with the S99 kit containing 3 adhesive fixings.

Kit of 3 adhesive fixing for mounting electrically lifted unit on a roof, designed by SESALYsupplier of luminous signalling solutions for commercial vehicles.