Double sided 12/24 Vdc & 500mm luminous triangle, for commercial vehicles with 3 High power LED and supplied with a very easy fixation thanks to adhesive pads

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TLP 500ADH Triflash is a 500mm double side luminous triangle easy to fix thanks to adhesives pads. Supplied for commercial vehicles, this luminous signalling solution created by SESALY is produced in France and has been developed in conformity to NF EN 12352, NF P 98475 & R10-05 EMC standards.

New generation

25% lighter *

Structure 15% more compact *

2,5X brighter *

Consume 20% less *

Visible to 360° *

* Compared to previous generation

Technical datas

Dimensions 500 mm
Structure New structure made of polyamide (yellow colour) with glass fiber (shock & vibration resistant) and compact structure (only 40 mm thick)
Serigraphy Class AK5 type on each side (other type on request: AK14, etc.), film class 1 or Class 2.
Fixation Adhesive (3M)
Voltage Dual voltage supply: 12/24 V by 6.5 m long cable
Electronic unit IP68 Watertight, with folded resin and protected against polarity reversals and short circuits.
Technology High power InGan LED/ optic (3rd LED generation), 6 optics (ø 50 mm)
Light intensity 638 cd (12V day version)
Light output ratio 68 lm/W 25°C
Consumption 0.16A (12V a day)
Uses Day/Night cell by automatic switching
Lifetime Greater than 100 000 hours
Maintenance Free
Standards NF EN 12352, NF P 98475, EMC R10-5
Weight 2,6 kg