700mm & 12/24 Vdc double sided luminous triangle for commercial vehicles with 3 high power LED

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  • triflash-tlp700-1.jpg
  • triflash-tlp700-facing-plan.jpg
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TLP 700 triflash is a double face luminous triangle of 700mm. Designed for commercial vehicles, this luminous signalling solution is created by SESALY and manufactured in France according to: NF EN 12352, NF P 98475 & R10-05 EMC standards.

New generation

Structure 15% more compact *

2,5X brighter *

Consume 20% less *

Visible to 360° *

*Compared to previous generation

Technical datas

Dimensions 700 mm
Structure Shock and vibration resistant: Careenage in polyamide with glass finer (yellow colour) and in aluminium. Compact structure (only 40 mm thick)
Serigraphy Class AK5 type on each side (other type on request: AK14, etc.), film class 1 or Class 2.
Fixation Double action spring hinge (front-rear), with fixing separation from 150 mm to 160 mm
Voltage Dual voltage supply: 12/24 V by 6.5 m long cable
Electronic unit IP68 watertight, folded resin to and protected against polarity reversals and short circuits.
Technology 3 optics (ø 50 mm) with each 1 High power InGan LED (LED 3rd generation)
Light intensity 638 cd (12V day version)
Light output ratio 68 lm/W 25°C
Consumption 0.16A (12V a day)
Uses Day/Night cell by automatic switching
Lifetime Greater than 100 000 hours
Maintenance Free
Standards NF EN 12352, NF P 98475, EMC R10-5
Weight 5,06 kg
Version Available in a single sided version with rear rail fixing (STLP700 RAIL) or with brackets fixing (STLP700-C).