USB charging socket fitted or wall mounted called USB.RBL for bus and coach



USB.RBL (12/24Vdc) are USB charging socket fitted or wall mounted for bus and coach designed and manufactures according to the R10 04 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation & Compliant to  ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard).

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Technical datas

Voltage12/24 Vdc
Version1 or 2 USB sockets
MountingEmbedded in 30 mm hole Ø
ColourBlue LED indicator for voltage presence
MaterialsBlack polycarbonate
Output voltage5Vdc +/-0.2V
Conversion efficiency90 %
Operating temperature-25°C to + 30°C
Current: 2.1A or 2x1.5 A at 30°C maxi
Options (contact us)Colours or specific marking on bezel, USB HUB modules