USB double charging socket to be wall mounted called USB3.25.APL3 for bus and coach.


Designed by SESALY, the USB3.25.APL3 is a double charging socket USB3.0 (12/24Vdc) to be wall mounted able to provide a high output power of 2 x 2,5A, offers a high level of mechanic resistance (5 000 manoeuvres) and it is equipped of an automatic charge detection and an electronic self-protection even in case of intentional deterioration of the users. It is a multifunctional product easy to integrate as it is compact, to be wall mounted and is supplied with one cover with clips.

This USB charging socket is in R10 05 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) & compliant to  ECE R118 (fire and smoke standard) and its housing is available in many colours like black, blue, yellow and brown. In order  to maximise the USB charging socket visibility in the vehicle, this USB charging socket is also available with a special white marking indicating USB symbol + text ‘USB’ and also USB in braille letters for visually impaired people :  USB3.25.APMQ3.050201 (dark brown color). Please contact us if you need any other colori with this special marking.

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Technical datas

Voltage12/24 Vdc
ConsumptionConsumption 12 Vdc : Maxi : 3.1 A - Stand by : 0.02 A / Consumption 24 Vdc : Maxi : 1.47 A - Stand by : 0.02 A / Consumption 28 Vdc : Maxi : 1.12 A - Stand by : 0.02 A
MaterialsHousing in polycarbonate (PC)
TechnologyUSB type A: 2 ways
ConnectionCompatible with all brands and models / Mini fit connector
ColourBlue LED Lighting for power indicator
Power supplyDirect 12/24 Vdc
ProtectionInput protection against overvoltages, polarity reversals, short circuits (intentional vandalism)
Operating temperature-30°C to +70°C
Hole spacing96 mm +/- 0.5
Options (contact us)Other colours available on request
CompositionDelivered in 2 parts: 1 cover with clips & 1 PCB, Easily PCB fiting
StandardsIn accordance with the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) regulation: R10 05