SESA Tunes Advanced: 3 adjustable warning sounds for electric/hybrid bus & coach: AVAS (R138) + pedestrian gong + reverse alarm



SESA Tunes Advanced is a programmed and intelligent acoustic alert for hybrid or electric buses and coaches able to diffuse the 3 majors exterior warning sounds: the AVAS R138 sound (Approaching Vehicle Audible System), the pedestrian gong and the reverse alarm sounds. This R138 sound solution is multi-function and unrivalled on the market. This AVAS device, has been imagined, designed and produced in France by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to buses and coach comfort and security.

This acoustic alert for electric or hybrid buses and coaches complies with following regulations: ECE R138 (AVAS compliant), CEM R10 06 (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard). The ECE R138 final compliant certification (AVAS) on the vehicle will be obtained once final tests on the installed product will be done at the initiative of the client. SESA Tunes Advanced complies to ISO 16 650-2 standard.

SESA Tunes Advanced is an acoustic multi-function solution, dedicated to improve safety of electric and hybrid vehicles. Thanks to some distinctive technical features, this sound solution is performant and easy to use:

  • This AVAS R138 sound solution operates with a nominal operating voltage of 12/24 Vdc (ISO1750-2)
  • This acoustic alert solution for electric and hybrid vehicles diffuses 3 exteriors sounds: AVAS SESALY sound (Approaching Vehicle Audible System), the pedestrian gong sound and SESALY reverse alarm sound.
  • The AVAS level sound can be adjusted to comply with R138 regulation. Depending on the setting, SESA Tunes can produce idling AVAS sound emission or inhibition at 0km/h, it can emit the AVAS sound level between 0 and 4 km/h and it can also provide an AVAS sound emission enslaved to vehicle speed between 5 and 20 km/h (mandatory required by R138 regulation)
  • Thanks to its CAN reading ability of (2.0A and 2.0B – J1939 – ISO 11898-2 20kBits à 1000kBits), this AVAS solution for buses is intelligent. Owing to CAN reading, the activation of day/night mode, urban gong sound and reverse is possible with SESA Tunes.
  • CAN/FMS reading information required to ensure the proper functioning of AVAS are: vehicle speed, vehicle moving direction
  • This warning R138 sound alert is equipped with a wired entry (high/low level) to operate assigned functions: reverse sound or day/night or pedestrian gong sound
  • Its consumption compared to it throughput is: 2W max, 83mA max at 24V and 166mA at 12V
  • SESA Tunes is supplied with 8 DEUTSCH connectors
  • Its protection index or IP is 56K for underframe mounting and 64K for the speaker
  • The centerline distance attachment is 48mm
  • The weight of this exterior sounds diffuser is only 640gr
  • On request, it’s possible to connect a second speaker enslaved to SESA Tunes : SESA SPEAKER
  • A 5° orientation toward the floor is the installation prescribtion.
  • SESALY software for adjusting sound level is integrated

SESA Tunes AVAS range also offers a premium version : SESA Tunes PREMIUM, a product able to pilot and diffuse all vehicle sounds: interior and exterior sounds.

For more informations about R138 regulation, go on our expert page.

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Technical datas

Reference Sesa Tunes Advanced
Standards ECE R138 (AVAS compliant), CEM R10 06 (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard)
Voltage 12/24 Vdc
Protection 56K (underframe mounting) and 64K (speaker)
Weight 640 gr.
Accessories SESALY software for adjusting sound level
Options (contact us) to connect a second speaker enslaved SESA SPEAKER