USB.WIRELESS: wireless and USB charging to be wall mounted for the comfort on buses and coaches


You are looking for a 12/24 Vdc wireless recharging socket including quick charge technology for a bus or a coach? This wireless USB charging socket is for you!

This wireless and USB charging device is proposed by SESALY, equipment’s manufacturer specialized in designing and assembling lighting and sound signaling solutions dedicated to comfort and safety in buses and coaches.

It complies with following bus and coach regulations: CEM R10 04 (electromagnetic compatibility) and ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard). This solution for the comfort and the safety in buses and coaches complies to ISO 7637-2 standards.


With this recharging device, users will be able to charge their device in two different ways: either with a USB socket (quick charge) or with an induction charger. One LED indicator informs users of the product statut: blue LED when product is operating and green LED when the device is charging.

To provide maximum comfort this USB wireless charging socket is supplied with a phone support to ease phone position once it is charged. This wireless and USB charging device is also supplied with two independent outputs enabling to maintain service continuity even in case of voluntary deterioration from users. It also can charge any electronic devices like cellphones and tablets…

SESALY offers an other version with one simple USB charger: USB QUICK CHARGE

To ensure maximum security, this wireless and USB charging socket is equipped with protections against:

  • Under and overvoltages
  • High temperature
  • Polarity reversal
  • Short-cuts (a 2A fuse integrated)


Thanks to some distinctive technical features, this solution for the comfort and safety of bus and coach is performant and easy to use:

  • Its operates with a 12/ 24 Vdc nominal voltage.
  • Its output powers are 5W for the wireless charging and 10W for BC1.2 and 12W for Q.C 3.0 for the USB charging.
  • The conversion efficiency of the wireless charging device is from 50% to 60% and 90% for USB charging.
  • This USB charging socket is composed of a resistant body made of polycarbonate and it is discreet owing to its dark grey color.
  • with 2 types of connections: one 6.3 mm push in flat blad connectors (input) and one USB A (output).
  • This USB rechanging device has been designed to operate with temperatures from -25°C to +55°C.
  • The overall dimensions of this wireless and USB charging socket are 122 x 187 x 25.7mm.
  • This USB recharging device is lightweight : only 225gr.
  • The standby consumption is less than 10 mA.
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Technical datas

Standards CEM R10 04 (electromagnetic compatibility), ECE R118 (fire & smoke standard)
Standards ISO 7637-2
Voltage 12/24Vdc
Conversion efficiency 50% to 60% (wireless charging), 90% (USB charging)
Operating temperature from -25°C to +55°C
Colour dark grey
Housing Polycarbonate
Dimensions 122 x 187 x 25.7 mm
Weight 225 gr