SESA Pulsar, XL orange directional light, 100% certified, visible at 180° and ultra resistant

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  • SESA Pulsar SPUXL dessin
  • photo-SPU XL B
  • SESA Pulsar SPUXL dessin


You are looking for an orange LED directional light economic, extra compact, lightweight, visible at 180° and ultra robust for your commercial vehicle ?

You are looking for a directional light 100% compliant, able to meet ECE-R65 Class 2 (rules of the road) and ECE-R10 06 (Electromagnetic Confomity) ?

Choose SESA Pulsar referenced SPU.XL.OR !

Directional lights are luminous devices for emergency vehicles or slow moving vehicles. Those emergency signals applications demand directional LED lights with specific technical performances. This is why SESALY has imagined and created SESA Pulsar, the new directional LED light 100% certified, economic, visible at 180° and ultra robust.

SESA Pulsar offers many advantages :

  • This directional light diffuses light with a visible angle of 180° thanks to its high intensity LED
  • Lightweight, only 90 grams and extra compact, it measures 94 x 59 x 22mm
  • It meets ECE-R65 Class 2 and ECE-R10 06 approvals
  • Bitension, it operates in 12-24 (10/32) and is able to resist up to a 50V peak voltage
  • This directional light integrates 7 flash patterns : simple flash Cl1, simple flash Cl2, double flash Cl1, double flash Cl2, quadruple flash Cl1, quadruple flash Cl2, steady on (cruise mode)
  • Up to 8 products can be synchronized
  • This LED light has a low consumption, only 0,9A (12Vdc)
  • It is made of a box in aluminum and a lens in UV resistant polycarbonate (PC)
  • It has been designed for operating temperatures from -30 to +50°C
  • This directional light is IP 69K watertight
  • It is provided with 2 round head cross screws Ø 3.5-25L and a wired output
  • This LED flashing light is easy to install and requires no maintenance
  • This orange directional light is 2 years guaranteed
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Technical datas

Reference SPU.XL.OR
Colour Orange
Fixation A visser
Dimensions 94 x 59 22 mm
Weight 0,09 Kg
Materials Polycarbonate (PC)
Modes 4 flash patterns
Operating voltage 12/24 Vdc
Consumption 0,9 A in 12 Vdc
Standards ECE-R65 Classe 2 & ECE-R10 06
Sealing IP 69K
Guarantee 2 years
Accessories 90° shelf