3 complementary companies
serving an ambitious group

Since 2011, SESALY S.V Group, has been gathering 3 companies: SESALY, SESA-CONCEPT and SESA-LEAD.



Stéphane Vial, CEO of SESALY SV, remains close to its employees in order to instill our CUSTOMER FOCUS, to carry our  VALUES and to promote the development of our KNOW-HOW.

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SESALY : The production site of our on-board solutions

SESALY is the industrial & logistical site based in Saint-Priest (FRANCE) where our products for commercial vehicles, bus & coaches and also rail transport are manufactured, assembled and stored.


  • Sales administration
  • Planning & procurement
  • Manufacturing control
  • Logistics
  • Products Storage
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SESA-CONCEPT : Research & Development

Our Research & Development activity is ensured by SESA-CONCEPT. The R&D pole is composed of research officers, technicians, engineers & project managers able to design and develop new products.

  • Project management
  • Mechanical, electronical & optical engineering
  • Materials resistance simulations
  • Prototyping owing to 3D printer
  • Lighting simulations
  • Tests and trials
  • Products qualifications
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SESA-LEAD : Supporting functions & Management


The mission of SESA-LEAD is to manage and supervise teams in their daily tasks, to ensure that all requirements & satisfaction from customers, staff or any other concerned party are taken into account.

  • Marketing/Sales/Pre-project
  • Quality/Security/Environment
  • Human resources
  • Finances & accounting
  • IT service/ Infrastructure
  • Management
  • SESA-LEAD-visuel