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to anticipate our customers requirements

Our strength ? The permanent search for customer satisfaction & continuous improvement of our activities.


Custom-made design

We support you in the creation of new luminous and audible signalling solutions or any new solution for your vehicles according to your functional or technicals requirements.

We are able to create your operating or technical specification as well as a decision support model, to make prototypes thanks to 3D printer or 3D conceptual. These enable us to validate together the technical solution adapted to your needs.

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Pre-sale advice & recommendations

Owning to our technological watch, we offer you on-board solutions adapted to your vehicles or users constraints, to your product environments and to your technicals requirements.

Our teams are able to offer you good practices as well as a normative support to select and provide adapted equipments for your vehicles.

We provide you sales support: visit, presentation and demonstration of our on-board luminous and audible signalling solutions in your premises, to your final customers company or during open house days.

Our experts are also able to provide you an optimal technical-and-economic approach for your needs regarding on-board solutions: we can help you to find the best compromise in terms of technical, economic, performance & design.

Finally, our teams can support you during your bid solicitation or issues on our equipments.

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ABS (Alcohol blocking system) training

We run trainings via SESA-CADEMY a french training organisation providing B to B trainings about products provided by SESALY towards professionals.

Trainings supplied by SESA-CADEMY are referenced in Datadock and for this reason give you access to fees care from French OPCA.

SESA-CADEMY is the trade name of training organism by SESALY, registered under n°84 6914696 69 nearby Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes prefect. Datadock is an unique French data base name which index all referenced training by the 20 OPCA & OPACIF within France portal.

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That's not all !

And many more services

  • After-sale advice & recommendations

We provide you a real after sale technical expertise, on standards and regulations as well as a product diagnosis thanks to our customer quality department.

  • Contractualisation of business relationship

We help you to define contractually modalities of cooperation between our teams and your organizations and departments in order to gain in commercial effectiveness.

  • Integration approval of our equipments in your environments

We provide our expertise in term of good practices regarding installation or usage of our on-board solutions in your vehicles.

  • Numerisation of data exchange

We are able to work in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), to upgrade your supplier information portals in order to accelerate data trade flow, to save your time and meet efficiency.

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