📢 Our #training structure obtained #Qualiopi certification required by the Ministry of labor in France . 📝
Qualiopi is the #quality certification reference for French training providers.

What are the benefits for our trainees?
✅ It attests to the level of quality and professionalism of the chosen training organization
✅ It enables learners to obtain funding for their training via #OPCO (French Skills Operators) or #fundingorganizations in France


What does the “Qualiopi” certification consist of?
✅ Thanks to its 7 key criteria 🗝️, it ensures the quality of the process implemented by action providers contributing to skills development
✅ It also offers greater 👀 readability of the training offer to companies and trainees


Who is concerned?
📅 The #Qualiopi.certification is mandatory in France for all action providers contributing to the development of skills who wish to access public and shared funds in 2022.

Download SESALY Qualiopi Certification