Lighting and audible standard & custom-made solutions for rail transport

Interior & exterior LED lighting and LED marking


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City of Dijon (France)

Interior LED light of Dijon’s tramway

  • tram-dijon-interieur.jpg

TGV Océane (France)

The tailor-made solutions by SESALY on TGV Océane are:

  • Wall lights & stairways
  • LED table lamp
  • LED’s trumeau
  • Direct and indirect LED light of the restaurant wagon


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  • tgv-oceane-stairway.jpg
  • tgv-oceane-lampe-led.png
  • tgv-oceane-trumeaux-led.jpg

City of Lille (France)

Lille subway and its red and white LED light signature have been designed and manufactured by SESALY.

SESALY creates tailor-made signalling luminous and audible solutions for your railway vehicles.

  • metro-lille.jpg
  • metro-lille2.png

City of Tours (France)

Creation of red & white LED lighting signature of Tours’s tramway by SESALY.

  • tramway-tours-day.jpg
  • tram-tours-nuit.jpg
Subway MP14

City of Paris (France)

Tailor-made solutions of LED interior light of Paris MP14 subway designed and manufactured by SESALY.

  • mp14-metro2.jpg
  • mp14-metro1-1.jpg

City of Strasbourg (France)

Tailor-made solution of white LED lighting signalling of Strasbourg’s tramway by SESALY.

  • tramway-strasbourg

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We provide you our technical expertise on best practices on installation or use of our on-board solutions in your vehicles, as well as advices and recommendations before and after sale.

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Laëtitia CABRY

Export Manager

Laëtitia and her team remain at your disposal to answer you for any question regarding our on-board solutions for rail transport.