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Interior & exterior LED lighting and LED marking


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    City of Dijon (France)

    Interior LED light of Dijon’s tramway, designed and manufactured by SESALY.

    • Interior-LED-light-Dijon-tramway
    • Interior-LED-light-Dijon-tramway-wagon
    High Speed Train

    Océane (France)

    SESALY has created all tailor-made lighting for the Oceane French High Speed Train :

    • LED Step threshold
    • LED signalling bands
    • Wall and stairways lights
    • LED table lamp and LED’s trumeau
    • Direct and indirect LED light of the restaurant wagon

    Contact us for any specific request

    • oceane-french-high-speed-train-lighting
    • oceane-french-high-speed-train-lighting-and-lamps
    • oceane-french-high-speed-train-lighting-and-lamps

    City of Tours (France)

    Creation of the red & white LED lighting signature of Tours’s tramway by SESALY.

    • LED-lighting-signature-tours-tramway-night
    • LED-lighting-signature-tours-tramway-day
    • White-LED-lighting-signature-tours-tramway
    • red-LED-lighting-signature-tours-tramway

    City of Lille (France)

    The red and white LED lighting signature has been designed and manufactured by SESALY.


    We create custom-made lighting and audible signaling for your railway vehicles.

    • LED-lighting-signature-Lille-tramway
    • Red-LED-lighting-signature-Lille-tramway
    • White-LED-lighting-signature-Lille-tramway
    Subway MP14

    City of Paris (France)

    All interior LED lights of Paris MP14 subway are a custom-made solutions (light tiles, spots and door indicators) designed and manufactured by SESALY.

    • Interior-LED-light-Paris-subway
    • Interior-LED-light-Paris-subway-wagon
    • Interior-LED-light-Paris-subway-wagon

    City of Strasbourg (France)

    Tailor-made solution of white and red LED lighting signaling of Strasbourg’s tramway by SESALY.

    • LED-lighting-signature-strasbourg-tramway-night
    • LED-lighting-signature-strasbourg-tramway-day
    • Red-LED-lighting-signature-strasbourg-tramway
    • white-LED-lighting-signature-strasbourg-tramway

    City of Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

    On Dubai’s subway, SESALY has created:

    • The lighting signature design
    • The signaling lighting on catalogue
    • The back lighting signaling (re-used)
    • Power supply
    • LED-lighting-signature-dubai-subway-day
    • LED-lighting-signature-dubai-subway-night

    City of Sydney (Australia)

    SESALY has designed the tailor-made lighting signaling of Sidney’s subway.

    • LED-lighting-signaling-sydney-subway
    • LED-lighting-signaling-sydney-subway

    Renovation of signaling lighting (France)

    SESALY contributes also to work on renovations of vehicle equipment to.

    Subway of Saint-Etienne, Nantes, Valenciennes and others French cities have changed their halogen lighting signaling for LED lighting signaling created by SESALY.

    The LED lighting signaling improves permits a better visual comfort for the drivers. This comfort provides gives a better visibility, a reduction of maintenance cost owing to lifetime upgrade

    • renovation-signaling-lighting-tramway-nantes
    • renovation-signaling-lighting-tramway-st-etienne
    • renovation-signaling-lighting-tramway-valenciennes
    Tramway, subaw, high-speed train

    Citadis Tramway X02 & X05 (France)

    SESALY equips the Citadis range of Alstom tramways, CAF, subway, regional and high-speed train with audible warnings:

    • Interior sound diffusers (closing of door, defect presence, in the cabin driver)
    • Exterior urban warnings (compact, modular, configurable)
    • audible-warnings-citadis-X02
    • audible-warnings-citadis-X05

    City of Caen (France)

    For Caen French city, SESALY has created the tramway’s lighting signature and has equipped all carriages with USB charging sockets.

    • tramway-caen-lighting-signature-USB-charging-sockets
    • tramway-caen-USB-charging-sockets

    City of Lusail (Qatar)

    SESALY has designed and manufactured the LED lighting signature and USB charging sockets for the tramway of Lusail.

    • LED-lighting-signature-and-USB-charging-sockets-tramway-Lusail
    • LED-lighting-signature-and-USB-charging-sockets-tramway-Lusail
    • Red-LED-lighting-signature-tramway-Lusail
    • White-LED-lighting-signature-tramway-Lusail
    Train line

    Train line of Paris suburb area called Z2N for the French Railway Company (SNCF)

    SESALY also takes part of renovation of vehicle’s equipment.

    For the train line called Z2N, SESALY created a new range of USB charging sockets and converters dedicated to carriages’ renovation.

    • renovation-vehicle-equipment-Paris-Z2N
    • USB-charging-sockets-Paris-Z2N
    • USB-charging-sockets-Paris-Z2N

    City of Sydney (Australia)

    SESALY created a made tailor-made LED lighting signature for Sydney’s tramway.

    • LED-lighting-signature-Sydney-tramway
    • LED-lighting-signature-Sydney-tramway
    High Speed Train

    2N High Speed Train (French TVG)

    SESALY equipped all 2N French High Speed Trains with tailor-made OEM warning opening of the doors buzzers.

    Contact us for any specific request

    • signalisation sonore SNCF TGV
    • signalisation sonore SNCF TGV
    railway vehicles

    Audible warning devices

    SESALY creates custom-made audible signaling for your railway vehicles.

    For the French Train in Paris Area (RER NG), SESALY installed OEM opening doors warning buzzers. SESALY has equipped all CAF’s vehicles of the city of Luxembourg with warning buzzers.
    SESALY took part of renovation of audible warnings for the tramway lines called Flexity in Lyon and Grenoble.

    • signalisation sonore  véhicules ferroviaires sncf paris
    • signalisation sonore  véhicules ferroviaires luxembourg
    • signalisation sonore véhicules ferroviaires lyon
    Train line

    Train line of Paris city called « la NAT »

    Interior lights in Paris’s NAT subway called “starry sky” have been designed and manufactured by SESALY

    • Interior-lights-in-Paris-NAT-subway
    • Interior-lights-in-Paris-NAT-subway
    High Speed Train


    Interior LED lights and markings of Thalys’s toilet have been designed and manufactured by SESALY.

    • Interior-LED-lights-markings-Thalys
    • Interior-LED-lights-markings-Thalys

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