Our expertise

Since 1957, SESALY has designed, manufactured and sold on-board solutions to combine mobility with comfort & safety.

A French manufacturer

Technical & industrial expertise

One of our strength is to gather technical and industrial performing skills. Thus, our competencies in mechanic, electronic, thermal, lighting and optic enable us to design and assemble custom-made on-board solutions.

We draw upon our experience to strengthen our products quality and to create solutions able to meet regulations and applicable standards.

SESALY industrial & supply chain expertise

French manufacturing facilities

SESALY owns industrial & logistics facilities based in Saint-Priest (FRANCE) where products for commercial vehicles, bus & coaches and also rail transport are manufactured, assembled and stored.


  • Pre-projects
  • Quality, security, environment
  • Marketing, sales & order entry
  • Purchasing, procurement & planning
  • Manufacturing control
  • Products Storage & logistics
  • Human resources & IT
  • Finances & accounting
  • Bâtiments_SESALY2
SESALY technical expertise to design on-board solutions

Research & Development

Our Research & Development activity is ensured by SESA-CONCEPT. The R&D pole is composed of research officers, technicians, engineers & project managers able to design and develop new on-board solutions.

  • Project management
  • Mechanical, electronical & optical engineering
  • Materials resistance simulations
  • Prototyping owing to 3D printer
  • Lighting simulations
  • Tests and trials
  • Products qualifications
  • SESALY research and development
over 60 years
of expertise
over 130
over 800
active customers
7000 sqm
over 50 countries
importing our products
over 1 million
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