A brand and a vocation with an unique DNA

When you rely on SESALY brand, you benefit from an industrial and technical know-how accompanied by unique vocation and DNA, based on strong values driving us everyday since 60 years.

Our vocation

Our passion : to help our customers and our talents to move forward together, day after day.

The brand


Since 2002, SESALY has been chaired by Stéphane VIAL, which remains close to its collaborators in order to instill  ” SESALY VOCATION”, to convey its VALUES and to promote the development of its EXPERTISE .

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Strong commitments towards our clients

  • We listen and take into account your needs

We listen to you, advise you and commit ourselves to provide you on-board solutions either on catalogues or custom-made.

  • We advise you and offer you unique solutions with greatest reactivity.

Our integrated resources enable us to answer you within 5 days regarding the feasibility of a new version of a product available on catalogue and to answer your request for custom-made solutions within one month.

  • We control our products and our processes from A to Z

Our teams’ experience, commitment and technical knowledge enable us to manage our production processes, for an optimal quality.

  • SESALY our DNA
Our values

Values guiding all our acts



  • To work together in a convivial ambiance to reach our satisfaction and customer satisfaction.
  • To express the acknowledgement of successful work.


  • To be involved in reaching our targets.
  • To respect our words internally as well as externally.


  • To build confidence owing to respect, listening and acceptance of each other.


  • To be able to adapt ourselves, to be versatile and available for our customers and our colleagues.


  • To know and to push forward our competencies in order to answer the required needs.
  • To enhance our business expertise thanks to the innovation.


  • To adjust our service in order to answer with effectiveness in the required delivery time.
Our approach to quality and CSR

A quality system in line with our clients’ expectations