Our approach to Quality & Corporate Social Responsability

The complementarity of excellence-focused initiatives, for your security and comfort.


A quality system in line with our customer requirements


Industrial Quality System

  • QSE***** Management System control
  • QSE***** training, awareness and communication
  • Audit implementation and external audit management
  • Document and record control (document management)
  • Listening to interested parties (customer and internal)
  • Identification of preventive and corrective actions

***** QSE = Quality Security Environment


Control of project design and development

  • Identification and prevention of product risks: FMECA*, railway RAMS**, PRA***…
  • Risk ranking,
  • Monitoring plans…
  • Product approval plans according to clients and regulatory requirements

* FMECA = Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis    ** RAM = Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability         *** PRA = Probabilistic Risk Assessment


Procurement control

  • Supplier evaluation and audit
  • Identification of our requirements (PES****),
  • New or modified product type approval
  • Acceptance inspection

**** PES = Product Evaluation Sheet


Product and manufacturing process control

  • Identification and prevention of risks in the AMDEC process
  • FMECA* and monitoring plan writing
  • Process audits
  • Performance measurements

* FMECA = Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis


Non conforming product control

  • Detected at the customer and internally: identification and  processing of non-conformities internally or at the supplier,
  • Making the customer safe
  • Analysing causes

Equipment control

Measurement and test equipment installation and maintainability

Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsability : an approach answering 3 issues

  • Environmental issues

SESALY is involved in prevention and control of environmental aspects, ecodesign, consumption monitoring and maintaining ISO 14001 certification, (Environment Management).

  • Social issues

We ensure to implement prevention and control solutions for Health and Safety risks, for quality of life at work or for maintaining OHSAS* 18001 certification (Health and safety at work Management).

  • Economic issues

Our teams integrate business ethics, responsible purchasing, compliance with regulations and other obligations.

  • sesaly-adn-rse

9001 ISO certification

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14001 ISO certificate

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IATF 16949 certification

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Societal responsibility policy

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Social responsibility assessment

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Qualiopi certification

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