P250 & P400 led pictogram with electric cover for bus and coach


P250 (250 x 250mm) & P400 (400 x 400mm) are 12/24 Vdc LED pictograms  manufactured in France by SESALY with one side yellow retroreflective side. Both composed of an electric cover, they are also EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) R10 03 regulation compliant.

According to the French Regulation about vehicles for passenger transportation, the pictogram has to be removable or concealable. Moreover, the driver must hide or remove the pictogram when he doesn’t use the vehicle for children transport.

The pictogram starts to flash when the driver opens the doors (approx. 90 flashes/min) & the continuous power supply enables to flash until 20 seconds after the door closing.

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Technical datas

Voltage24 Vdc
TechnologyPictogram for the front 40 LED, Pictogram for the back 56 LED. The electric cover stops automatically: integrated top and bottom sensor.
FunctionsA retrofiting is possible with SESALY pictograms
UsesThis pictogram is equipped with a holder and an electric cover that enables to show or hide the pictogram when the vehicle doesn’t carry children. Control switch on the dashboard with 2 or 3 positions (not supplied by SESALY): opening / 0 / closing opening / closing
FixationIt is possible to mount the holder from the top or from the bottom
Opening angle of luminous flux60°
ConsumptionMaximum* : 13.5 Vdc - 0.250 A ; Average* : 13.5 Vdc - 0.128 A ; Maximum* 28 Vdc - 0.320 A ; Average* 28 Vdc - 0.164 A

* excluding holder’s consumption