PIC400.E is an exterior waterproof and rear led pictogram for bus and coach by SESALY


Created by SESALY in France, the 24Vdc rear LED pictogram called PIC400.E for bus and coach is waterproof and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) R10 03 regulation compliant.

According to the French Regulation about vehicles for passenger transportation, the pictogram has to be removable or concealable. Moreover, the driver must hide or remove the pictogram when he doesn’t use the vehicle for children transport.

The pictogram starts to flash when the driver opens the doors (approx. 90 flashes/min) & the continuous power supply enables to flash until 20 seconds after the door closing.

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Technical datas

TechnologyPictogram for the back 56 LED. A retrofiting is possible with SESALY pictogram. Protected against polarity reversal.
Operating temperature- 30°C to + 60°C
Opening angle of luminous flux60°
ConsumptionMaximum 13.5 Vdc - 0.250 A ; Average 13.5 Vdc - 0.128 A ; Maximum 28 Vdc - 0.320 A ; Average 28 Vdc - 0.164 A
SealingIP69K once installed